About Rote

Villa Tunggaoen, Tunggaoen beachfront
Rote Island, Indonesia

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Rote is typically reached via Kupang, West Timor.  Flights to Kupang originate in various parts of Indonesia, including Bali.  A good way to plan your trip from your origin to Kupang is with Rome2Rio

From Kupang, you can either get a short, 20 minute flight to Rote, with Wings Air, or a two-hour ferry trip.  The easiest way to book a Wings Air flight is with Traveloka, which has a more convenient payments system than Wings.  The ferry schedule can be found at Expres Bahari but it is best to check with locals as times can change and cancellations can result from strong winds.  From the airport or ferry terminal, the villa is a bit over an hour's drive away.


T-Land (or Besialu) is a world-class left-hand reef break that can give rides running to hundreds of metres.  Checkout the surf forecast at Magic Seaweed. T-Land works a large percentage of the time during the dry season.

Boa is a right-hand surf break that is also world class on its day.  It requires wind generally coming from a northerly direction, which is more common in the wet season.  Checkout the forecast here: Boa.

There are numerous other breaks on the island that can be reached by boat or car.

The people

The Rotenese are a friendly, predominantly Christian people.  Churchgoing is a large part of their lives and there are numerous churches around Rote.  There are at least 4 within about 5 miles of the villa.

It was not long ago that the Rotenese led a largely subsistence lifestyle and that is still the case in part.  The introduction of seaweed harvesting and the development of tourism have changed the lifestyle of many Rotenese.  This has been a major transition (see, for example, "...Perspectives on Development Tourism....on Rote...", however, the Rotenese are adapting well and make wonderful hosts.  In fact, the Rotenese have had dealings with Westerners going back hundreds of years to the days of the Dutch East India Company (see "Lords of the Lands, Lords of the Sea").  Going even further back, Rote has some interesting prehistoric archeology (see "...Prehistoric Archaeology Resources in Rote Ndao Islands..." only abstract in English).  The Rotenese have a rich poetic history and culture, documented by Professor James Fox (see, for example, "Explorations of Semantic Parallelism").  The villa boat "Mane Tua Sain" ("Lord of the Sea") is named after one of the characters from the epic poems.


West Rote has attracted a growing number of Westerners who are making their homes in that wonderful environment.  With them, they have brought an increasing diversity of food from around the world, which is increasingly turning West Rote into a foody heaven.  Here are links to Trip Advisor reviews for some of our favourite local restaurants, in increasing order of distance from the villa: Narrow Restaurant; Seed Resort; Bekky Boo; Indika; Utopia.

Life at Villa Tunggaoen 

For a picture of a typical day at Villa Tunggaoen click here...

A Day in Life at Villa Tunggaoen