Karingal Aviation

Kintan Aviation, a division of Kintan Pty Ltd, and an associate, Karingal Aviation, operate a Turbo-Commander aircraft VH-NBT.

The Turbo-Commander is available for select charter work* from Commander Air at Essendon Airport, Melbourne, Australia. Its passenger facilities* include:

Comfortable passenger seating for five
Spacious, pressurised and airconditioned cabin
Large picture windows
High wing, visibility of scenery
In-flight audio-visual entertainment
Hot drink facility
Large baggage locker
Safety and reliability of
TPE331 twin-turboprop engines
240-255 knot (444-472km/hr) cruise speed
Fly at up to 24,000 ft above the weather



Other equipment includes*:

Weather radar and strike-finder
Approach approved GPS navigator
Radar altimeter
TCAD collision avoidance
Dual VHF Navcom
HF radio
Nav coupled autopilot
Full co-pilot instrumentation


For charter arrangements, contact Commander Air on 03 9379 1019.

Note: Availability for charter is not guaranteed and is subject to various terms and conditions. All equipment and facilities may not be operational on any given flight.