Sedeoen Harbour, Rote, NTT, Indonesia

To book a surf trip to T-Land or other localities on Mane Tua Sain,
call or text Sani on +62 812 38989926

Sedeoen Harbour is located about 800 meters north of Nemberala Harbour. There is parking for Mane Tua Sain guests at the end of the pathway to the beach.

For the origin of the name "Mane Tua Sain" see Chapter 5 of "The Poetic Power of Place: Comparative Perspectives on Austronesian Ideas of Locality", by James J Fox.

"There is first a heavenly world which is referred to as Poin do Lain, or occasionally as Ata do Lain, “The Heavens and the Heights”. This is the world presided over by the Sun and Moon. In opposition to this world is the world beneath the sea which is referred to as Liun do Sain, “The Ocean and the Sea”. This world is the realm of the Mane Tua Sain ma Danga Lena Liun, “The Great Lord of the Ocean and the Chief Hunter of the Sea” whose personification is the Shark and Crocodile." 




















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