Some Publications :

On COVID-19:
The A$320 billion Australian COVID-19 mistake?

Why time varying reproductive number (Reff) is no longer a useful indicator for COVID-19 policy
setting in Australia.


What is the appropriate role of Government in supporting innovation - Monash University, 2012

Superannuation investment and the decay of Australian Productivity Growth, 2012

The Great Superannuation Ponzi Scheme, 2010

Science – The Wealth Creator - Invited address to the Melbourne University Faculty 1999

The Biotechnology Revolution: A Unique Opportunity For Australia - County Investment Management (1998)

A practical handbook for software development.  With M A Ould. Cambridge University Press, 1985.

The importance of space projects to the development of the Australian software industry.  With P Norris.  Proc. National Space Symposium.  Commonwealth of Australia, 1984.

Quantum Fields in Curved Space. With P C W Davies.   Cambridge University Press Monographs on Mathematical Physics Series 1982

On falling through a black hole into another universe, Nature 1978

Massless Thirring Model in Curved Space. Phys. Rev D 1978